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New side project landing page a toolkit for jazz piano players.

I’ve been working on a new side project of late, and its landing page is now live. I’ve described it as a ‘toolkit’ for jazz keyboard players. Basically it’s a bunch of patterns, licks, philosophies and techniques I’ve acquired over the twenty-or-so years I’ve been playing jazz.

I remember earlier on in my musical journey thinking it would be great if I could just find a ready collection of blues licks to quickly ‘level up’ my playing (my command of blues was seriously lacking at that point). Same thing when I later found myself in a funk band and knowing not much about playing funk keyboards. I also long struggled to sound ‘modern’ and find my own contemporary jazz voice.

This new site aims to be a resource for other players out there who may be struggling in some way or who just want to augment their playing. As per the landing page, there will be written scores for those that can read Western music notation; and audio too, with the option to slow down and loop the audio, as well as listen with chordal accompaniment.

Like this blog, it’s a Jamstack site built with the Supermaya Eleventy starter kit, and is hosted on Netlify. The howler.js library is used to make working with the Web Audio API less of a fash.

Check it out, and add your email if you’d like to be notified when it launches proper.

Update: I’ve published a tutorial on bebop enclosures.